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After getting ready at your home, or at least the home you two temporarily share, you and Ethan head off to the cinema. Neither you nor Ethan looked at what is playing as you decided you will decide on the movie as you get there. In the end you both decide on a romantic film between two dragons. You blush at the idea, but since you pretty much never heard of any of the films listed you figured why not.


You buy popcorn and sodas, finding your seats in the mostly empty theater as the movie starts, the commercials making up the intro.


"The organizers sure thought of everything..." Ethan whispers, remarking as he sits besides you. You shiver, still confused by the feeling you feel for the dragon... or the dragon costumed human.


"I wonder just how much this all cost them..." you whisper as you relax, the two of you sharing popcorn as the movie proper comes to the projectors. All in all it's a decent movie about two dragons in love, nothing overly dramatic that people produce now a days and you find yourself enjoying it. You silently make comments to each other about the film and you resist giggling. The movie passed and the two of you walked out commenting about the movie.


"You know I never knew such movies existed... heh..." Ethan says awkwardly as he thought. You notice his silence and worried look and you take his hand intuitively, snapping him out of his melancholy.


"Hey... whats wrong?" You ask him gently and he blinks, blushing himself before sighing and forcing himself to smile.


"I just don't know..." he begins. "I mean they created this whole place.... The organizers... they even made these movies..." he continues, looking at you with his draconic eyes as he goes to make his point. "I fear they might... want us to stay here permanently..." he says and your heart sinks as you think about his theory.


"Don't be silly." You tell him and once more snap him out of his delirium. "We have families! I mean look at just how many of us are here!" I say randomly, trying to think of good reasons to back your argument. "We have families! This amount of people cant just disappear and no one does nothing!" you declare waving your arms as you feel alarmed. What if he is correct?


"Yes but we had to sign those sheets remember?" He points out and you blink, recalling the contract. "It said our families would be notified we would be gone for 14 days." He adds and you gasp. He is right, but still.


"Yes but only for 14 days!" you point out quickly. "Any further and they will question! Plus we... I mean they would try to contact us." You say and he brushes his scaly chin.


"That's true..." he admits and you stand there, both lost in thought. "Thanks... and sorry, I was just overthinking." He says and blushes.


"Its quite alright." You say and smile, blushing yourself.


"Say, want to go for a flight?" he offers. "Its barely even evening and we can still have fun! I suggest going to the amusement park." He offers and you jump at the opportunity.


"Great idea!" you speak with great enthusiasm for some reason. "lets go!" you say and the two of you take off.

Written by Luksinatriks on 04 May 2018

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