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Mirrsola blinked in agony. Her head swam, her arms hurt, and her neck was encircled by something that chafed at her fur.


What in the Name of the Lady hit me?


Memories came flooding back, nearly all at once, the Gol war-band that caught her during her hunting trip. Their jeers and laughter as they easily disarmed her and chained her for slavery echoed in her mind. She felt her spirit begin to die, as she realized that she must have fainted due to the horror of what had befallen her.


As she waited, she listened to the information being sent to her mind. She knew she was lying on her back, her body was sore in many places as if she’d been hurled against something or fallen from a great height, and she knew that her collar still was at her neck, and someone was pulling on it. Idly, she wondered why her pain didn’t extend to places between her legs or her chest. Perhaps they were merely taunting her?


She clenched her eyes shut, feeling the tears starting to leak through. She wished they would go and get it over with! The agony of waiting was too unbearable.


Nothing happened but she kept getting gentle pats on her cheeks. At last she opened her eyes, squinting in the sudden glare, expecting to see a leering face looking at her. She focused on the figure above and wonder replaced her fear.


The man looking down at her was no Gol. Not in the least. He had golden fur, a marvel to her, though she had heard some distant tribes had golden fur like that, but the short ears on a streamlined muzzle and face, with the broad black mask on it, showed her that this was a speedy creature. But who was he?


So caught up was she in studying his face that it took a few moments for her to realize that his muzzle was opening and closing. He was talking to her! But why couldn’t she hear him? Then she realized her ears rang, and she was hearing things. They were simply soft and muddy. But as she concentrated the clearer the sounds became. At last she could hear her savior!


“Miss! Miss! I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but we need to go right now!”

Written by Snore23 on 18 June 2017


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