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See? Keep moving or you get tranked. That's how the game is played. star star star halfstar emptystar

Your relaxing moment under the tree is rudely interrupted by an abrupt transformation. You are hit by a tranquilizer dart, which turns you into a person with a tranquilizer dart stuck in their neck. It's an easy change. Of course, your train of thought gets about as far as "Oh good heavens, a dart of some kind. I'd betteeerrgmphqq," at which point the dart takes effect, and you slump under the tree like a drugged-up rag doll. A half-hearted twitch is all the moving you do for quite some time. Eventually, you wake up. When you do, you are...

Illustrated by kitsuneheart

Written by Zodiac on 27 January 2007

In some sort of lobbey
The Experiment.
In a dungeon
A new body