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You shook your head, signaling to them that both of the ideas were absolutely awful. Using your diplomatic skills, you decided to yourself that you needed to step in with the insight you had skimmed over in the libraries in order to properly solve this delicate political situation. One of the things you had learned a lot about while reading, is that people absolutely HATED reading things. Your final suggestion was to write them a well written letter of peace, therefore ending this ceaseless war.
Though you lacked the skills yourself to craft such a letter, they quickly called in their royal note taker to help with the technical part of what they were trying to portray. After a few long hours of articulation and transcription, you all had finally figured out what you were going to say, and it was absolutely perfect! You took pride in your own ability to conduct diplomacy between long fueding states, and before long you were able to proudly send the letter off by raven. Your tail swished happily behind you as the king and queen did the same, the three of you watched as the dark crow receded in the distance.
That night you spent it in a guest suite which was more beautiful than the entirety of your family’s own ball room. A knock was at your door. Will you answer it?

Written by Driftingdragon on 25 June 2020

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