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She gave herself a mental note that perhaps they weren’t used to talking to strangers; their reaction alone to her presence had been a dead giveaway that new selkies weren’t exactly common in this civilization, it seemed. But regardless, Daniel was pretty glad that they were willing to speak to her - she quickly took notice of how they began to mutter and murmur amongst themselves excitedly, even uttering hushed whispers. They were clearly talking about her, whispering and muttering different words and phrases among others, like “newcomer” and “the one”. The one...what exactly did they mean by that? They hadn’t been expecting her to come today or anything like that, otherwise they wouldn’t have been so surprised to see her enter this unique civilization in the first place.


Yet somehow, they seemed to be matching her identity with someone of immense importance; “the one” - oh, how the curiosity tugged at Daniel with each second that ticked on by. “What do all mean by “the one”? What are you talking about?” The question slipped out before Daniel could stop herself, and a few selkies were quick to turn their attention to her, grinning in ever-growing excitement - they looked like they had been about to speak all at once, but a new voice stopped them before they could.


“Allow me to explain.”


Daniel raised her head in surprise, taking notice of the selkie that had led her here; a pretty one with flowing brown hair, likely around Daniel’s age, judging from her youthful appearance. “None of us knew you’d come here today, was still a lovely surprise. I led you here because I thought you were the one; the one that a fellow selkie among us had no choice but to leave in the world up above.” The stranger selkie explained, her tail swishing back and forth as she approached Daniel with a smile, reaching out and gently taking the fellow selkie’s hands in her own. “None of our kind strays from our civilization; it was an assumption I made but I was sure it was a safe one at that.” She added, glancing at Daniel hopefully as she went on. “ are the one I speak of, aren’t you? A lost selkie seeking a mother?”


Written by monochromecheshire on 24 August 2017

Both Mother

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