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In the struggle, you successfully knock a couple of the guards down from the thick wooden beam as they clamber towards you. Sharp talons clawed the wood aggressively, attempting to hold tight to the smooth surface of the wood as their bodies are helplessly dragged downwards by the force of gravity.
Suddenly, you’re knocked off balance as the stray tool of a fallen worker snags the thick leathers of your belt. You cling for your life with all your limbs as he dangles below you, attempting to shake you loose from your tiny safe-zone. The tight force around your waist feels painful as the tight materials almost cut into your abdomen with the weight of the struggling man hoisted beneath you. Not after long he succeeds at his task, knocking you off balance, and separating you from the shattering scaffolding, falling apart in the air around you as you tumbled directly downwards.
Both you and the worker found yourselves sliding down the rough surface of the half-built pyramid structure. Dust formed in thick clouds around your feet as they drug against the crumbling sandstone; your paw pads provided enough cushion for you to glide down the steep wall without discomfort.
As you fall the guard struggles to disconnect his tool with your clothes, the fight continued as the two of you descended the great pyramid. You kick him from the hard surface of your leather belt, dislodging the pickaxe from the metal part holding tight to the rough steel of his pickaxe. With one final swift kick you free yourself from his grasp. The worker tumbles off the sharp edge of the pyramid, hitting the ground hard. His weapon clanged to the ground faster than the both of you; its metallic sounds distracted you, as you tried to regain your bearings during your rapid descent.
At the bottom of the pyramid, other workers begin to assemble, taking note of the commotion from above. The confused civilians crane their heads upwards to watch the two tumbling bodies sliding from the enormous structure from above, the dust shrouding their battered bodies as their figures were shrouded in copious amounts of debris bellowing in their wake.
Two nearby workers start preparing for your landing; they push nearby crates of hay around the edges as to catch your fall, helping to capture you as commanded. The hay kicked up as your slender sturdy body fell heavily onto the bottom of the wooden crate. You can hear them speaking amongst themselves outside of the bin, as their footsteps begin to circle in from around you. An array of gruff old male voices ring out all around you, the world spins as your head catches up with what just happened.
"I think that was her."
"Be careful, don’t go near!"
"I have something for her." You hear the rustling of rope, a loosely stitched quilt of fibers were thrown heavily against the wooden cart you landed in. The woven material made a dull thud against the arbor planks encasing you, as its pale tendrils stretched across the top of the hay crate. Anxiety forced your body to freeze as you saw multiple heads peeking over the edge of the crate. Black faces backlit against the beaming endless suns rays peered confused at you. Despite their faces being completely shrouded in shadows, you could tell by the harsh angular shapes of their faces how shocked they are to see you curled up in that crate.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 January 2020

Both Captured

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