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“There’s a more. We need to think a bit more about this. Maybe we need to bring someone along with us?” You mentioned. “Who’s someone you trust.” You asked him, seriously.
“Well? One female was always super helpful whenever I needed something. Though, after we had left back home, something had just seemed different about her.” He mentioned.
“Oh? What was different?” You questioned, not quite sure about who it was. Of course, you had tried becoming everyone’s friend, but you only ever ended up knowing everyone slightly, you especially had trouble with names and faces, but you knew if you had seen her again, you would have recognized her.
“It was Amira, one of the females, she had gone through a lot on the way here.” He mentioned. “She had lost her only kid.” he mentioned.
“I see…” You said, actually knowing a lot more about it than you had at first thought. “Okay, we can bring her along, you said you trusted her, right?”
“Of course! I trust her with my life, just as I do with you, but as of lately she’s been acting a bit different, like, she’s just been a bit more aloof, I figured it was just a mother’s thing. I bet you could understand.” He mentioned to you, kind of making you feel a bit strange but you tried not to think too much into it.
“Okay. we can take her along with us then!” And like that, your plans were settled. The two of you waited until that night then when the time was right, you both found Amira, the seal who had lost her child on the way here. Her face made you feel a bit uncomfortable, as she looked just like her kid that you left on the trip. You didn’t seem to feel particularly guilty about it, but it was kind of awkward to have to endure something as stressful as this.
“Hey. What did you need?” The female asked as the leader swam up to her. After you both gave her a quick briefing on everything you had already talked about and she sat for a moment thinking. “Okay. I think I know what we could do to help.” She mentioned. “But we’re going to need to unite the two groups in order to find enough strength to get us through this. Just as you suggested before.” She turned to you, remembering your executive decisions you’ve made to bring them all here.
Just as she suggested, you all did so and planned to bring both groups to a very specific time and place and before long, she was finally there. “Hey, great to see you all here.” She mentioned. Though, you did notice something particularly weird.
“Hey. Didn’t you say that both of our packs would be here right now?” You asked. “Where’s the other one?”
“Hmm I don’t know. I think the leader of the other one ditched us. That’s really weird…” She mentioned with an interesting tone.
“That’s not very nice.” You mentioned and she politely agreed.
“Okay. Well, let me check around for them a bit. You all stay here in the meantime. I shouldn’t be too long.” she said before swimming away. You all waited for a while in the open ocean. Something about it unsettled you. Despite the fact that she said she’d only be a bit, you all waited and waited and waited until something strange started to happen. Bubbles formed underneath the entire pack and before long a swarm of orcas were upon you. They were so fast and loud that they had easily disoriented everyone and were picking off other members like it were nothing to them.
It all happened so quickly that you didn’t even seem to know what hit you, all you remembered is feeling the sensation of your skin starting to p- your game resetting!


Written by Drifting Dragon on 07 November 2023

The end (for now)

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