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You sigh grudgingly after mulling over what to do next with the dingo woman - as reluctant as you are to offer her any sort of sympathy when she made it clear she wanted to eat you, you aren’t the sort to be petty or spiteful, even when you’ve ended up in some bizarre realm where that means nothing.


You hop over to the downed dingo woman and she looks up at you, scowling.


“What the bloody hell do you want?” she demands.


She’s wincing, though, and you can tell that getting double-kicked in the gut three times in a row has taken its toll on her. At the very least, you hope it means she’ll think twice about doing anything unnecessary or cruel…


You awkwardly extend your hand down. “Want some help?”


She blinks, and stares at you rather blankly.


You don’t move. You stay in place, hand extended down, and you wait.


“What?” she asks after a long pause.


“Look, I don’t want to be mean or anything like that,” you say. You shrug after this and again extend your hand down. “I don’t know you. Never met you before in my life, but, I see no reason to just abandon you. If you’re willing to let bygones be bygones, then, I’m happy to offer a hand for you to get up.”


More blank staring.


She seems perplexed and completely at a loss to have you, a person in a kangaroo body that is prey to someone like her, offering her help like this. You don’t know how your expression appears but you hope that she’ll perhaps see you’re being genuine. Or, not, as it turns out. She seems to think you’re trying to trick her, and thus, she refuses your hand and swats it away.


“Piss off, you ass,” she says. “I don’t want your stinking help. Let alone do I trust that you won’t kick my skull in the instant I accept it. Get lost!”


She tries to sound threatening. Tries. If anything, the fact she’s in clear pain only makes her threat attempt sound weaker than she intends, and she notices this rather immediately after the words leave her lips. She growls and gnashes her teeth together - you kind of want to laugh, but, you hold it in for now.


“I said get lost,” she mutters crossly.

Written by Hollowpage on 11 September 2020

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