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You find a patamon costume and put it on.


The costume cloth merges with your clothes, and you are a humanoid patamon. The fur then starts to grow through (white from just above your mouth and down your front with yellow everywhere else ), and soon except for your fur you are naked.


You feel the changes going on inside the costume with your nose shrinking and soon your face is like a patamon's.


Then your hair disappers and your ears change into patomon's wings.


Your arms and legs shrink to half there length.


Just as you think the transformation is done, you feel very awkward. Your point of view drops several inches, and you feel lighter as well. Then, as if to confirm your thoughts, your stomach pushes in a bit and your hips widen. Your whole body becomes more slender, even as your chest pushes out into newly formed breasts.


You realise you are now a female humanoid patamon.

Illustrated by LemonSky

Written by on 15 October 2005

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