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To your surprise, you followed the woman down the opposite side of the hallway. The pace of her gait made it almost impossible for you to read the titles of the rooms- maybe they were just numbers?- slowly, as you made your way through the long corridors, you began to feel as if you were becoming more disoriented. It became a bit hard for you to even traverse through the labyrinth of your own mind, and the way you were led through the spanning hallways was almost hypnotic as the lights above almost seemed to flash as you passed them by.
“Something weird seems to be going on here” You couldn’t help but repeat to yourself as you continued to find where you’re going.
“So you’ll be given a quick tour when you’re done with a bit of training.” She said to you. Looking around, you noticed that she had led you into a place which looked somewhat like dorms. The way the rooms looked seemed to have vastly different kinds of decoration, as if there were both children and on-site workers living here.
This all seemed normal enough, and when you took a second thought about it, maybe you were overthinking things. One day you’ll understand what you heard earlier, and what you were experiencing was probably just some form of preemptive anxiety about the new job.
“So how well do you think you work with kids?” You recognized that as a question from the questionnaire
“I feel as if I have the appropriate experience to handle young children!” you responded like clockwork as you recalled your answer.
“Right!” She made a quick note in a handbook. “What about groups?” This one was surprisingly not covered earlier.
“Groups?” You took a moment to think about it. “I think I can handle groups of more than five easily!” You responded with confidence. “Can I now?” Your mind began to question yourself, doubting whether or not you were getting into something you may not have been able to handle.
“Alright, great!” She said, her response a bit short.
“Will I be working with a group today?” You asked, inquisitively.
“I like your incentive.” She said, “Well yes. Today you’ll be helping to manage a class of students, soon you will be conducting a class of your own.” the idea shocked and excited you.
“I get to start so soon?” You asked aloud.
“Of course! We have the best onsite training available!” She continued before typing something into her smartphone. “The classes will begin shortly, and the academic administrator will be there shortly” She said.
“And she’ll be able to show me everything?”
“Yes, and I will be watching and giving you advice for today.”
“Sounds easy enough.” you said to yourself. A quick buzz of a reply rang onto her screen.
“Aah, she’ll be here shortly.” She looked up at you winking.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 01 August 2021


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