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You chuckle as a video on the reproductive practices of the common fox plays out. You say to yourself aloud, "Yeah, I shoulda known."


Two choices appear on screen: MALE and FEMALE.


You click on "MALE" and watch a basic briefing on the male's dominant role in the wild. It shows one killing a small vermin on a prarie landscape and bringing it back to the female. The button labeled "FEMALE" is still shown on the screen in a transparent manner. After the male video is done, you tap it and get the same thing about the female side only it seems to be more geared towards mating and raising kits. you shake your head and say aloud to no one in particular, "But I just wanted partial!" You chuckle to yourself in amusement.


A third button labeled 'EXIT' becomes available.


No doubt Jake made a similar choice. You touch:

Written by minerva on 05 December 2008

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