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In an impressive show of force, you leap up and tear free of your bonds. The women, who had been blocking the stairs, never thought you'd go for the river, so your way is clear. You sprint for the water and dive in.


It's cold. So...very...cold. You feel the water eating away at your very being. The river's cruel current rips away every sinew of earthly being from you,
severing body and soul. You rise from the water a new being. You've become a Shade. Your body is gone. All that is left is a skeletal ghost of the pegasus-human hybrid you were only moments ago. A ghastly wind pushes your spectral form back to the shore you came from. The women are still there, and eye
you with pity.


The leader speaks mournfully: "A pegasus shade. This is truly a disgrace to Zeus. I'm truly sorry. If you had stayed with us, you might not have been happy, but you would have been alive. Now you'll be in limbo forever." She looks theatrically through you, out to the rocky shore of the river Styx, then continues, "You are condemned to wander these rocks forever. You cannot join the dead in Hades, nor can you join the living on Earth. You are...nothing."

Written by Zodiac on 28 June 2007

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