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They went to their favourite dinner place to have tacos. It´s been a while since they just hanged around like this, Daniel realized. Lately, all his friends were too busy. It was weird, because he didn´t feel like they had that many home-works. But the others acted like they were buried under the work to do.


“Hey, what about doing something the next weekend?” Daniel asked. “The tests will be over, we could go camping.”


“That´s good idea,” Gassan said to Daniel´s surprise. Lebanese was usually the last one to agree with outdoor activities and the others had to persuade him.


“Cool,” Daniel said. “Are you coming too?” he asked, turning to the others.


“Sure,” Pammy nodded and her golden locks waved around her face. “It would be great.”


“I agree,” David said. “We should go out.”


“So it´s deal,” Daniel said, knowing that Jake wouldn´t beak the gang. “I´ll talk to my parents, maybe they´ll borrow us van.”


“Don´t worry about that,” David said. “I´ll get us a car.”


They chatted some more about the details, until the camping plan was finished. Then they parted, to study some more at home and have some sleep before tomorrow´s test. Gassan and Jake left sooner to catch the bus, leaving Daniel with David and Pammy.


Written by lulu-illussions on 08 January 2018

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