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"Whoa, whoa, WHOA, Mr. Disembodied Voice!" You cry, "How 'bout I choose the 'I leave right this instant and never come back' option? What is this, a sick cosmic game? Forget this, dude!"


You must choose a form--


"I choose to leave!"


You can leave at any time--


"'Except through the door I came in', the one right behind me, the only way I keep my humanity. No thanks."


You step through the doorway unopposed. The mansion sits atop a black cliff. The clouds overhead are lead grey. It's cold. A lone, ragged road traces the razor ridges off as far as you can see. There's probably no other trace of civilization for at least fifty miles, you're wearing nothing but a T-shirt and shorts; it was summertime when you went to bed last night.


There's two options from here; you can brave the mansion again and negotiate with Mr.No Body, or you can explore the manor grounds in search of a car or outdoor phone or something.


What WILL you do?

Written by Mr.Peaches on 10 February 2006

Search the grounds
Walk Down that Lonesome Road
You attempt to wander the road...
Negotiate With Mr.No-Body