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And what better way to teach him that mere changes cannot tame you than another round of old-fashioned insultS? You open your beak angrily, eyes narrowed as your feathers ruffle. But before you can say so much as a single word, the genie scowls.


"I know that look." He cuts you off, waving his hand as if to preempt you.


"AWK!"" You retort, eyes widening with shock. Instead of a verbal tirade, only a harsh squawk comes past your lips, and you bring your taloned hands to your beak in surprise. "Awk?" You ask in bewilderment, realizing that you can no longer make anything close to human sounds.


"And if you wish to rant and yell at me like an animal," the genie continues, ignoring your squawking, "then you shall indeed become one."


You let out a loud and avian screech at that, glaring at the mystical creature angrily. You don't want to become a real gryphon! Your wings unfurl as you flex your talons, fully intending to tear the man a new one. But before you can so much as take a single step towards him, your hips and shoulders snap loudly.


You let out a loud and defiant scratch as you fall to all fours, muscles rippling beneath your body. Your arms and legs begin to gain more and more bulk as you let out another inhuman screech, your neck popping so that your head now faces forward.


Despite the immense horror you feel, you can't do much more but endure these changes, and you blink repeatedly to adjust yourself to your new vision. Your beak grows longer on your face, which slants slightly forward in an almost leonine fashion,.


Another screech passes your hard lips as you glare at the genie that's been changing you so much, and your wings ruffle with immense irritation as they grow longer and stronger yet. Though your new body is female, it seems like it's strangely stronger than the human form you used to call your own. This realization in turn makes you worry about the males of your new species, and what you'll do if you encounter any.


As if he's reading your thoughts, the genie booms with laughter, looking down to you as an owner does to a pet. "Of course, if you are just an animal, then you'll need to live as such... Which means that you'll be placed in a suitable habitat for those of your kind."


"AWK!?" You screech in confusion, eyes wide with horror. What does he mean by that? Another violent shudder quakes through your body as your animal muscles finish coming in, and you realize that you're now a fully-grown gryphon.


Then the floor opens up beneath you, and with a squawk you drop into a different world entirely.


Flashes of green, gray, and blue pass before your eyes as you tumble through the air, trying to determine what's up and what's down. Suddenly, it hits you that you're falling, and very quickly so. Your four animal limbs flail beneath you as you screech, wondering if this is how your changes end today: in death.


No matter how much you try to fight it, the weight of gravity proves too much for you. Even your wings are beaten back by the-wings! You have wings!


Hurriedly, you splay them wide, letting them beat forward with a massive flap. They catch the wind and arrest your fall as well as any parachute could, and just like that, you're flying.


It's your first real reprieve since finding that damnable genie, and you scan the surroundings below you, searching for a place to call a home. Your new habitat seems to be something of a mountainous region, with dense woodlands all around, divided only by streams. There's not a trace of anything human, which means that it's up to you to find shelter.


After a moment's more indecision, your eyes alight on a suitable den, and you fly towards...

Written by SketchySeraph on 27 January 2016

The mountains

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