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You stand before a large wardrobe filled to the brim with strange and unique costumes of creatures and animals. Among the many outfits you find one in particular which catches the eye and imagination. It happens to be a gryphon and by the looks of it, a male gryphon. But you feel adventurous tonight so it incites your mind. You simply must try it on. As you open the zipper in the back, the suit opens like a shell. Wonder and excitement fill you as the fabric tightens to your skin. The now becomes you; transformed by it; morphed into a magnificent gryphon, standing tall over everything. Though you've been forced to all fours by the suit, your body grows with it and you tower over even your human form. At six foot five you stand proudly with several shades of orange and crimson coating your feathers and fur. You now have talons instead of toes, paws instead of legs and arms, fur and feathers rather than smooth skin, and wings and tail which were not there before. With your transformation complete, you stand for a moment, wrapping your mind around what has just occurred. A voice can be heard coming from the wardrobe, just a slight whisper, "For 14 days you must become that which you've chosen." You feel a great push against your back and legs as you're inched closer to the wardrobe. White light envelops you and surrounds you, blinding you as you travel from this world to another.
Shockingly bright, white light now greets you to a midday. Birds chirp and forest sounds surround you in epic wonder. As you take your first steps you realize that the world to which you've been transported isn't the only new thing; you're walking on all fours; all four paws that is. You've also grown wings and male mane, accompanied by other male features. You ARE a male gryphon, a magnificent male gryphon, bristling with rending talons and a strong beak. The sun is reflected in your beautiful crimson coat. Your red sheen shines out brightly amongst the barren, desolate pillar as you find yourself in this new world.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 16 January 2013


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