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In your sleepy state, all the sounds around you became accented. The fire crackled more vibrantly. You heard squeaking from deeper in the cave. Above all else, you listened to the tiger's throaty rumble as he continued to stroke your fur. You stretched your paws out before bringing them even closer to you. "Just...just tell me if I fall asleep," you mumbled through a yawn. 


It was becoming harder to keep your eyes open. The tiger grew completely silent apart from his rumblings. He knew that you were tired, and he was letting you rest in peace. You yawned one final time before tucking yourself closer to the tiger's warm body. Within minutes, you fell fast asleep. 


The next morning, you stirred to a cracking sound. One of your ears raised, flicking irritably. You whined softly and curled up tighter.




The voice drew your attention. Your eyes blinked open slowly and struggled to adjust to your surroundings. Tigress. What? You squinted and noticed the male tiger crouching a few feet away beside the deer carcass. Several slabs of meat were removed. The bones must have been the cracking sound. 


"Oh good, you're awake," he mused, crossing to your side. "You were asleep for awhile. It must have taken a lot out of you." The male was referring to the drastic transformation. 


You pushed yourself into a sitting position and stretched. Everything started coming back to you. The male tiger, the fire, the meat, their plan! 


"Eat up. You didn't eat very much last night." 


You gratefully accepted a piece of deer meat and ate it enthusiastically. The sooner they finished here, the sooner their plan could be put into action. "How soon can we leave?" you asked in between bites. 


"As soon as you're done. I ate my share last night. I was just waiting for you."

Written by falconess22 on 01 April 2016

"You could have woken me up."

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