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You’ve once again reached safety, in the comfort of your own dwellings, you reach into your bag to grab your outfit, this one is covered in smooth thin scales. You feel the scales dragging along your body as you pull the outfit tight over your skin and you can feel the cloth pulling tightly over the joints in your body.


The tightness almost seems to constrict your chest to the point of a collapse, you feel your breath getting faster. It's as if with every breath you are constricted tighter, the compression almost appears to shrink your chest down to a more long and slender figure.
You can feel the fat stored in your body being pushed up into your chest


A woman?! I guess this time you'll be having some fun with this one. You run your hands along your smooth iridescent scales, as your new bosom heaves in and out in excitement.


Way more slender and skinnier than the previous costume, you wonder what abilities you have now, your tight waistline constricts as the transformation completes, the tighter it gets the more light headed you feel.


Trying not to pass out from hypoxia you look around one last time at your environment, and that is the last thing you remember.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 October 2019

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