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It was a small, dark, dilapidated room with a cold, metal hospital bed in the center; overhead was a round, wheel-like structure that made your skin feel prickly. Just being in this room made you feel sick to your stomach, but when you turned to check on the door, it was gone. Then, you heard a voice as the room became even more dim...


"Welcome, Saber 01. You were eager to get started, were you? Please...take a seat."


The wheel-like structure creaked and turned, spitting out several icy cold metallic tentacles that wrapped around your wrists and ankles, dragging you onto the metal hospital bed. Your voice was caught in your throat and your body felt weak as the tentacles grew spikes that pricked your skin, pumping drugs into your veins that rendered you paralyzed. Your eyes were wide as you stared up at the metal wheel above you, a drop of blood dribbling from the ceiling onto your cheek.


You wanted to struggle, but you could not feel your body anymore as a bright light flashed on, almost blinding you. "It is much less scary when you understand what is happening. You see, these metal limbs are meant to keep you safe, not hurt you. They're equipped with five dozen needles that will fill your body with the STT drugs needed to begin our first phase of surgical alteration. Once those drugs are properly administered and your vitals are stable, we will begin. We have decided to start with the legs. Unfortunately, your current legs are not suitable for your new form, but I promise, you won't feel a thing."


The light was so bright that you couldn't see anything, but you could feel the metallic limbs let go of your legs. You wanted to move them, your brain screamed for them to move, but it was as though they were not there at all. The next thing you heard was something like a chainsaw, but you didn't want to believe it. Then, you saw a large, gleaming silver saw descend from a hatch in the ceiling, hovering towards your leg.


You wanted to cry out, to struggle--to do anything to get this madness to stop, but you were helpless. The saw hovered lower and your eyes became sore as you stared, unblinking, at the blade that neared your leg. "You won't feel anything, but I do recommend that you close your eyes for this part of the procedure. It might be a little...gruesome." The voice was cold and uncaring, and a moment later the blade came in contact with your skin, and your vision was obscured by a splatter of blood that splashed into your eye.


But you heard it. You heard the sound of the blade mashing through flesh and bone and you felt the warm, oozing blood pooling around your lower body. The leftover blood dripped through the holes in the bottom of the chain-linked bed. You felt that your body was sweating, your mind was blank, and you forced your eyes shut, trying to forget, trying to escape to some empty corner of your mind...

Illustrated by merieth

Written by merieth on 24 May 2018

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