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As cool as it is to explore a new body, you think that you've had enough of one demonstration. You bring your hands up to the sides of your head to try and remove the headset, only for your clawed fingers to brush against soft fur.


You try again a second later, the beginning onset of worry settling in your heart. This certainly isn't normal; how are you supposed to logout of the game if you can't take off the headset?


Thoughts of starving to death while your mind plays a videogame flood your imagination, only for a more chilling through to emerge. You feel dumb for not realizing it before, but what if this isn't a game anymore? What if you're really a skunk taur?


You try to dismiss the thought, but you can't deny that this seems a little too real to be that game you started just a little bit ago. After all, back when it was visual only, it made sense,but now...


You try and think back to the moment the game became something more than what a headset could convey, and you immediately think of the sign. The first time you'd pressed that, you'd begun to feel this virtual world as if it was real. What if somehow pressing that had sent you into this strange and virtual world; if you were now in a game made real?


The thought is a little surprising to you, and also a little terrifying. "Okay..." You speak slowly, trying to rationalize what's happening. Thankfully, your mouth is still capable of English-at least, if English is what they speak around here.


"So, I'm now... This. And this world is real. Which means that this boils down to two options. I could live, or I could die." Your nose crinkles at the last word, and you look down to the adventurer's kit and armor.


"Which... I suppose means I'm going to live."


That in mind, you grab the leather chestplate, slipping it on over your shirt and sighing with relief as you find it’s been sculpted to hold all four of your breasts. It doesn't feel very thick, but it should at least protect you from taking some damage... Not to mention, just wearing this alone makes you feel a little more confident about your chances. You tie your new jerkin tightly-albeit with a little difficulty, thanks to your claws-then look down to the armor for your lower half.


Instead of leggings like you'd half-expected, your other armor looks like a union of saddle and belt armor. Long strips of leather plate hang from the belt, protecting your front, while the thick saddle on your back covers your broad trunk.


Unfortunately, it's also far more difficult to put on than you'd anticipated, and a pout settles across your skunky lips as you begin to try-and fail to get it on. It's not something you can simply slip into, and the belt doesn't seem to fasten right...


You pull the belt up to your eye level to glare at it only to groan at the sight of a pair of clasps you hadn't seen. That might work... You look down to your legs and realize that the loops you'd thought were for weapons are actually for your front thighs, and you slip them through, holding the saddle component of your armor in one arm as you do.


Then you fasten your belt, which pulls the saddle snugly onto your lower half, and with a few tugs on straps later, you're good to go.


The only question is... Where should you go?

Written by SketchySeraph on 15 March 2016

Both To the local town

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