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The walls of the room now have faded leaving you in a ball of mirrors, allowing you to get a look at your body from every angle as you look around. After getting a good look the room fades leaving you looking at a temple.


As you approach it you feel something between your breasts form and looking down you see a key on a necklace and your top half is naked, your breasts exposed. Strangely while you think you should be worried as that would make logical sense, from an emotional standpoint there is no actual desire or sense of urgency in the need for getting clothes. You quickly become quite content with nudity, after all when was the last time you saw a sphinx wear pants. Truthfully you can’t recall having ever seen a sphinx at all to begin with, but that’s beside the point.


Still if this temple is your home in this world it might be better to look inside in and get yourself knowledge of this world.


The necklace floats up and points towards the wall and as the stone grinds, a opening appears.


Once inside you see a number of rooms, a bedroom , with sleeping area .


A bathing pool continuously refreshed by a small stream


And the prize of the temple?


A library, admittedly small but the knowledge should be enough to get a lead on finding another costume.


Now what first.


Written by on 15 December 2014


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