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A glorious creation of time immemorial, still glowing softly with strange magics that protected it from time and the elements. You take the steps one by one, the stone covered by green and black mold, the once regal door frame was forced out of its hinges, the wood rotten and breaking down under its own weight.


Inside, two creatures watched you through big, yellow eyes. They were small in comparison to you, but then very little else could match your height now. They moved cautiously as if afraid of catching too much of your attention, and with their long limbs they carry weapons of wood and stone, their green skin almost blended amidst all that mold.


Goblins, you remember from that distant dream of being a human, mostly considered a plague and invasive species by adventurers. They dwelled in the deep jungles, often taking over ruins of other species and reappropriating them to their own uses. Industrious little creatures, reaching about three feet tall, with long, sharp ears, and yellow eyes. They rarely posed danger in open confrontation with humans, but were adepts at ambushes, traps, and other devious tactics.


You let them be, there was nothing they could do for you now and maybe with some rest you will feel better and ready to start making sense of it all.


They twitched and moved slightly with every step you took into the temple, but those funky little creatures were more curious than worried you would end up eating one of them. They kept to their hideout, but you could see them talking to each other in whispered and emphatic hand gestures; pointing and gesticulating towards you.


Then at once they scattered away through the vines, disappeared amidst the mold as you heard the distinct sounds of booted steps coming through the door.


“There’s a big monster here, lads!” A man wearing metal armor and a long sword in hand calls back.


“You will make a perfect trophy, beast” He gloated, taking the sword in both hands and charging ahead without waiting for his friends, like an idiot. “I came here looking to collect some goblin’s ears, but you are a much bigger prize! I’ll become the knight of Hydra when I’m done with you!”

Written by Ashley Natter on 08 April 2021

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