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"BZZZZZzzzz!" you are snapped awake by a rather loud noise as you feel the earth tremble beneath you. An earthquake? You don't know was this in the contract or was it just a natural occurrence? Maybe you are still under the effect of whatever it is that was in the water you drank! Going out of your shelter as the tremors stop you are reassured that it is indeed still night time but you gasp.


"What in the?" you ask as you see that the nights sky is... well, blocked. Like your in some sort of a dome and while you are confident that whatever this dome... light... thing... is you don't think it bodes well for you. This is starting to feel more and more real for you and you want to get out of this freak show! You came here to survive but so far you had your gender switched by that blasted water and now you....


"Crap!" you curse as you see that the barrier extends all the way across the isle, not that you have a very good view from this point but you can see it curve and have a bit of an angle. Are they making sure that you don't leave this isle? What do you do?

Written by Luksinatriks on 17 December 2017

Both Continue sleeping, choosing to think about all of this in the morning

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