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You rush downstairs, knowing exactly where everything is from the depths of your memory. Your mind races at the idea of being back in your parent’s house. But only this time something’s different. Your parents greet you from your kitchen as you run into your living room, a look of shock falls upon your face as you realize your parents are now also squirrels.
A large squirrel wearing a button up greats you.
“Welcome back honey.” He embraces you, followed by a much shorter chubby squirrel, wearing an apron.
“Yes dear, how was school?” She asks you. You freeze taken aback,
“Oh yes! School was nice, just the same as usual.” It’s a cinch, of course you’d be able to improvise this situation.
You stand a height roughly in between your parents’. You observe the familiar space of your parents’ kitchen, pots and pans hanging around the walls, teacups neatly placed in china cabinets, the tacky wallpaper spread between the trimming.
You glance out the window to see that the sun has already set, regardless of the fact that the sun was just climbing its way into the sky when you slipped on this outfit. You look out into your childhood street as the streetlights light the path farther beyond what your eye can see, it’s almost nostalgic. Your mother begins to make her way to the opposite of the kitchen island to continue her daily chores, she looks to you excitedly.
“You know that boy has been coming over lately to check up on you. You haven’t been going out as much recently.” Your mother asks with questioning eyes.
“I’ve just been feeling kinda sick is all ma.” You reply quickly, already rehearsing this line in adolescence. Your mind thinks back to your childhood lovers and considers who this may be referring to, though you recall to have been rather focused on your studies throughout this period of time. Did you even have a mate at this time? You ponder to yourself what version of this world you’ve been transported to prior to your transformation. There is something about this world that seems a bit off-putting; you can’t seem to pinpoint the disturbing aura. “Alright well I’m headed to bed.” Your voice trails off as you stumble your way upstairs, still growing used to your elongated digitigrade feet-paws as you ascend the staircase.
Your room remains exactly the way you remember it, though it’s appeared that some objects have become shifted and disheveled. The space seems to stare back at you as you pass the threshold. The floor creaks under the weight of your tired body as you almost seem to melt into your bed.
“So I’m going to have to live as a teenage squirrell again, in my parents’ house like a little kid?” You roll your entire body into your fluffy pink comforter. “I mean there are some things that I’d probably enjoy trying differently now knowing all I know.” You ponder to yourself. “I was in a really different place..” you continue. “Wait and who was that boy mom was talking about?” Your banter continues throughout the night, wondering what kind of adventure has just been presented to you?

Written by Driftingdragon on 02 December 2019

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