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The next day continued as much as the first. Some carvings changed as you start to pass berries and fruit trees. They were marked with an x or a circle. The system was easy to understand x's were bad and circle's good. You hum as you picked a hand full of berries as you walked. Whomever you were following was a good guy.


It has been a couple days since you followed the signs but you were still in high spirits. This area let you watch the multi coloured parrots and other birds you had no name for. It was beautiful and relaxing. Watching them as you followed the arrow maker's marks. Life was looking up though an end was not clearly in sight.


Stone steps! You paws were cold hard stone! They were large misshapen stones, they were clearly flat and smooth and were trailing up pass your line of sight.


“Civilization!!” you whoop into the air. A stone path clearly built by human hands. You were on your way. Adrenaline pumping though your veins, you sprint off. Laughing almost hysterically as you do so. This path weaved in and out of the trees but the space between was clearing, more kept. You fly by them you see this in a flash that's to how the costume changed your body. You briefly think you might miss that but snort the idea away. You'll be a human again! Reunite with your favourite body parts again, which after experiences a female form; made things much easier to pee.


Running long and hard. A small cabin came into view when night was beginning to encroach on the sun's light. After such a hard and non-stop run with only berries and the odd falling fruit. You hadn't the energy to continue on or to stop yourself from passing out inches from your goal

Written by psto1464 on 01 September 2018

Male A cabin

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