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As you fall through the floor, you suddenly find yourself in the vacuum of space, surrounded by nothing but darkness and stars. The coldness of space hits you like a ton of bricks, taking your breath away. You try to move your wings, but they are no longer there to carry you.


Panic sets in as you realize that you have no air to breathe, and no way to escape the grasp of the void. You look down and see the planet below, a small blue and green orb that seems so far away.


The transformation has stripped you of all your magical abilities, leaving you vulnerable and exposed. You have only a few precious minutes before your body succumbs to the lack of oxygen and you suffocate.


But just as you start to feel the darkness closing in, you see a flash of light in the distance. A ship has come to your rescue, its engines blazing as it rushes towards you. You feel a wave of relief wash over you as you are pulled into its airlock, the door closing behind you with a hiss.


You collapse onto the floor, gasping for air. The ship's crew rushes to your side, helping you to your feet. As they lead you to the galley of the small transport ship, you can feel the crew's amazement that you have survived being spaced. They gather around you, having survived the harsh vacuum of space. They ask you questions, eager to hear your story.


You collapse onto a bench, still gasping for air. The crew rushes to your side, offering you a mask to help you breathe. You take it gratefully, feeling the sweet relief of oxygen fill your lungs. You smile, feeling grateful for their help. You have been given a second chance at life, rescued from the brink of death.

Written by ChatGPT on 07 February 2023

The end (for now)

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