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You are something else entirely: you are a Chimera Jockey. Using powerful spells you control one arcane abomination, a creature altered through the use of barely understood magic.


Most players like to use the big dragons or even eldritch unicorns, but you have found your place with the gryphons. Those sly flyers had become your immediate favorite since the first moment you controlled one of them. It was almost instinctive with them; you knew how to use their abilities to the best.


The screen dimmed, and the spinning crest of the Heaven Alliance appeared on the screen in front of you. As the crest faded away, it was replaced by the familiar face of Konnor Lowell, Grand-Wizard and leader of the human resistance. In the background story he had been the first human to learn about the demonic forces crossing into our world and had single-handled created the basis of what would become the Heaven Alliance.


“Greetings, soldiers,” he says with a tired expression, it was a running gag by now that the Grand-Wizard never had a good night of sleep in his life. “I’m not going to lie to you, today will not be a normal mission, but it’s one I have been waiting for since these vermin first begun invading our planet.Our suffering is far from the end, but today we will make them pay.”


The Gran-wizard points to a board next to him, you can see what appears to be the blueprints of an old aircraft carrier.


“You should recognize the USS Nimitz, we have rescued it from demonic forces during one of our first missions.” The scene cuts to pictures from the giant ship, you can still remember that mission, the fight to retake it had been bloody and intense. The players not only had to destroy the forces outside the ship, but also needed to go into the cramped corners of the battleship and fight almost room by room.

Written by Ashley-natter on 02 November 2016

Both To the enemy homeland

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