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Even though you're sitting down, your long neck puts your head pretty high up, and you start looking around.


In one direction there is a watering hole with what looks like a pride of lions flocking around it - or maybe they are priding?


The other way is a grove of tall trees you somehow instinctively recognize as acacias. Tasty leaves on those, you seem to remember an old voice telling you. Yeah right. Leaves. Bleah.


Between the two points and pretty close to you is the first sign of civilization (unless the lions are civilized). A narrow dirt road running from horizon to horizon. Didn't the rule sign say something about an inn? Maybe it lies somewhere on that road.


As you sit pondering your options your revere is shattered by a drawn out growl from below. You look down, fearing predators, but it's only your stomach. Soon after signals from your gastric region reach your command tower of a brain to inform you that you are hungry. Famished, even. Apparently this shapechanging business is extremely energy consuming, and you're in bad need of a recharge. Even acacia leaves is beginning to sound like a delicacy. Or maybe you could follow the road (either direction) and see if you can find a place that sells human food. Or gives it away, seeing as you don't appear to have any money.


Maybe it's the hunger, maybe it's the lack of oxygen in a brain so far from your lungs, but you even consider going over to the watering hole to have a word with the lions. Heck, the worst they can do is kill you, and then you will just be reborn, hopefully in a better place.


As you start getting to your feet, it occurs to you that you should have another look around, maybe you can spot something else if you're taller...

Written by Won-Tolla on 31 May 2007

Go see the lions

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