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When he awoke from the toxin induced slumber, he wasn't in the forest anymore; he expected to be in a bathtub, a scar on his side present, indicating that someone harvested organs from him, a potential situation that was always possible, these days, as making money schemes and black market were powerful motivators.
Passing a hand on his sides, he was relieved to feel no such thing; perhaps crime and smuggling wasn't the reason he was waking up in another area, but whatever this reason could be, at least it wouldn't cut him open for profits.
But as he looked around, he realized that his fear of crime and cartels wasn't the only one that should have preoccupied him in the first place. The room was empty, except for a cheaply made bunk bed, stained by water damages and time. It was surprising that his back wasn't killing him, for the mattress seemed to be barely holding itself out, ready to give up on any attempt to be moved away.
The walls were white, devoid of anything that could have informed him of where he was located. It was vaguely similar to an asylum cell, but he knew that this wasn't the case, for the room wasn't padded and there were no visible doors, as if the wall could be opened from the outside to let people out and in.
As he observed the wall, an entrance formed, giving weight to the theory that was rising in his mind; would it mean that he would meet the people that brought him here, or was it something else that motivated the creation of that opening? Either way, he decided to wait a moment, to see what was going to happen; there was no point in rushing forward, when the path was unknown and possibly rife with danger.
But as he waited, nothing seemed to happen; perhaps it was a sign that he was supposed to go forward, to explore the path that was now open to him. But he had to be careful, thought; there could be traps and other dangers waiting for him on the way, making the exploration risky and dangerous.
As he passed the entryway, he expected it to close behind him, to trap him in some alley, but nothing of the sort happened. It was a strange place, filled with blinding lights and white walls; it gave him the impression that he was in a hospital, one that possessed more technology than the local one.
Hospital or not, he needed to find the reason why he was here in the first place; it was surprising that nobody was trying to stop him while he was walking in the corridors, testing the doors. Much to his dismay, the doors were locked, as if someone knew that he would try to open them; but he had to continue trying, for one of them could be unlocked, forgotten in the preparation that took place before he arrived.
But why would these people make such a critical mistake? What would be the point in giving him a chance to escape from this facility, when they captured him in the first place? Was this all a cruel game, that someone was watching from afar, filming him from a distance so they could sell the tapes to some obscure producer?
``Subject is awake; further information needs to be gathered, for it stopped its progression at the moment'' said a metallic voice, that seemed distant but close at the same time. He didn't expect anything else to happen, thought; there was nothing in his path, nothing that could stop him from escaping. Although, the voice said that more information needed to be gathered; perhaps he would be forced to deal with some of them, after all…

Written by zanian on 29 July 2014

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