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You get out and lay out the outfit to dry and look for something, anything to cover up the wound and before you relise it you are licking it clean and stop with a sense of horror of just how much you have been changed by the costume mentally. God, what you wouldn't give to have a cranky computer network to deal with right now, a problem that's nice and mundane and (above all) human...


Wait a second: You were a sysadmin—information-handling machinery was your job. And sphinxes are all about information, too! So maybe you can put your new sphinx-instincts to work for you? Sure; you want to be rather more human than you are, so what can a sphinx do to solve that problem? Yes, you ought to have some scrolls, a library, somewhere around this place!


As you look around you notice a doorway you have not been through. When you go through it you find yourself on a balcony and below that are many shelves of scrolls. You eyes light up and you stroll around looking for any information that can help you. You let your instincts guide you and you find a diary of a old wizard who specialised in Transformation! And even better, it's close by—only a few hours away, by air! "Maybe he has something in his tower to get me back human" you think quite happily.

Written by Catprog & Cubist on 05 September 2010

To the tower

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