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Deciding that it would be best to just do what he says and take the herbs, you take them from his open paw. It’s perfectly logical that they would have been giving them to you.


You open your mouth to ask him how you are supposed to take them but he is one step ahead of you. “Chew them up and swallow them. It’s going to taste pretty bitter but they’re very effective.”


You look at the small pile in your paw once before tossing them into your mouth, quickly chewing on them. Bitter was an understatement, you decided, as the overwhelming flavor spread all over your tongue. You struggled with yourself to not spit them out, as your jaw worked as fast as it could to chew them into a small enough paste for you to swallow. Luckily, they were very soft leaves, which you were almost immediately able to gulp down, leaving only the slightest trace of the nastiness in your mouth.


“You asked where you were earlier,” The old man started, now that you had taken the herbs. “The answer to that is in a village of wolves. The whole pack lives right outside, and this cave serves as the medicine place.”


Opening your mouth to allow your long tongue to loll out you shake your head frantically, hoping that the moist air might make the remaining flavor disappear.


He didn’t seem fazed by that, and continued. “As for how you got here, we’re not too sure. We found you right outside of the village, but we have no idea how or when you arrived. We also have no idea how you got all of your injuries.”


Finally, you decide to give up and try your hardest to ignore your mouth and focus on the conversation. “What are my injuries, exactly?”


“You have quite a lot. Your spine was fractured, your tail and one of your ribs broken, as well as a multitude of scratches and bruises. Whatever got a hold of you seemed to be set on killing you, which also brings the question of why it didn’t into play.”


You were stunned. You had no idea what happened after you had put on that costume, but whatever it was couldn’t have been good.


You were in the middle of also wondering why you weren’t killed when he spoke up again. “I suppose you would probably like to get a chance to walk around. I guess I can give you a tour of the village while we’re doing it. Kill two birds with one stone.”


The idea of being shown around sounded great to you, but you were very tired and weren’t sure if you wanted to use all your remaining energy trying to walk.

Written by Pandachannnnn on 14 April 2017

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