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"How could you have let this happen?!" Your brother gave you a confused look.
"What" he replied in a sharper tone.
"You heard me! You should have helped out more if you even cared to know what was going on!" The tone of your voice began to crescendo into more of a whining yell as you continued shouting at your sibling.
"Hey wait, I am not even sure what you're so upset about. Why not give me a little-"
“See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t care. You never cared!” you responded erratically.
“Oh yeah? You have no idea what I’m going through.” The prince retorted. “You’re just cooped up in your little palace laboratory all day trying to find some reason for your people to love you. I have to do that by myself!” you were taken aback.
“Why… I’ll have you know that my staff is a very strong team of the smartest people in the kingdom! They are ALL good people and I doubt you would know what that’s even like.” The argument between you and your sibling went on for hours, and continued to escalate until the two of you were clawing, biting, pulling at each other’s fur, and screaming to the tops of your voices.
Nobody seemed to care about your little altercation; not even the guards. Nobody other than your brother came in from that night, and you both were left panting and mangled from each other’s lightning strikes. Your chest huffed and puffed and you dilated pupils watched him as he brushed dust from his shoulder pads.
The prince looked you over one last time before huffing and leaving your bedchambers angrily. You could hear his voice trailing off into the night as his footsteps receded down the hall. It wasn’t clear what came over you, but the fight seemed to take some stress from your shoulders, you even felt as though you had blacked out for the most of your petty little fight. Exhaustion began to wash over you as you approached your enormous feathery down bed; you plopped into the middle of its enormity and before long fell deep into sleep.
The following day, you were awoken by the sounds of a crowd outside your window, a feeling of dread began to thump through your veins as you approached the commotion. Your eyes widened as you saw the enormous crowd of people outside, and in that moment you realized something terrible was amiss.
“What… What’s this?” you said to yourself. A knock at your door rang out throughout your room. It was your brother.
“I hope you know that I’ve told everyone in the kingdom what you have done.” his voice was a cold calming ice like stab to your heart as he continued. “Your people won’t be satisfied with what you’ve done.” Your mind began to wonder what you could have done to upset so many people. The young prince began to pace around your room, further explaining your misdeeds. “Nobody will want you as their princess… or even queen if they know what kind of violent, aggressive, unprepared-”
“Okay stop right there.” You interrupted.
“You’re just proving my point… Princess.” As he spoke guards opened the door. On the other side was a plethora of other followers, their eyes peeled on your argument with your sibling, and the prince stepped aside to show them all your horrendous attitude.
“Oh..” you stopped to stare, but it was too late, the kingdom had already seen visual proof of your stank attitude, and there was nothing left to do thereafter.
Cutting through the crowd like butter, your mother pushed aside the tangle of arms and legs taking up the space just outside of your bedchambers and began to talk.
“We have to put an end to your misdemeanors… Young princess.” the words stuck in your throat as you watched the cold gaze of your mother look you up and down. “My son told me what you had done, and not only have we agreed that your behaviour will leave a mark on this family, but it has also done so on our entire kingdom.”
“Ugh.” you said, crossing your arms and rolling your eyes in defiance. “Really?” your sass knew no end.
“Yeah really!” Your brother said, as he stood slightly behind your mother.
“We have no choice.” She said before giving a hand sign to the guards to finally let the kingdom’s people pour into your room and take you away. The last thing you remembered seeing was the smiling face of your mother and sibling as your hands, paws, and back legs were bound. Your muzzle was tied, and your eyes were covered in a thick scratchy cheesecloth blindfold.
Terror gripped you as you felt yourself being carried away, and the last thing you experienced was the ‘vigilante justice’ as it was carried out upon you; it was as if you were drowning in the sea of people as they cascaded upon you and saw to it that your lesson was learned.

Written by Driftingdragon on 26 October 2020

The end (for now)
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