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Going home would be a bust, surly his parents would be looking for him and that would bring attention. Daniel had enough of their attention, he didn't want it coming down on his family too. Friends would bring the same kind of problem, but he couldn't do it alone. The only co-promise he could think of was phoning, it could be tapped though... Daniel groaned, banging the back of his head into the tree.


“Tracking takes awhile?” Right, Daniel thought he saw hour-long show with them tracking the mans phone. “But I don't have my cell...” Daniel laughed at his own stupidity. How could he phone? Without a phone? If only there was a phone outside where people wouldn't see him... Daniel continued to bang his head as tried to think it through.


“It's called a phone booth genius.” A snarky voice came though the darkness.


“GAA!” Daniel screamed, he tried to run but tripped on his own tail and landed face first on the unforgiving ground.


“That's Daniel alright.” Another confirmed.


“This is not fair.” Grumbled another voice darkly. “We came back for you man, calm down.” Daniel looked up, silently terrified at what could be seen. What he saw was his friends, and he thanks whatever god was listening for his night vision, even if the tears welling up made them blurry; his friends were here. Pam was dressed like some weird preppy ninja, with remnants of her goth cheerleader outfit she made up for Halloween, she was also wielding one of Jake's Japanese sword. “You're such a chicken man.” David finished, smiling his teeth extra white with the black war paint on his face and paintball gear on.


“Sorry we couldn't come sooner, but our parents wouldn't believe us.” Gassen said, his face was shades of black and purple. He made it, bruised but he was alive. The tears began to fall, silently down his face.


“Why is he a cute Dragoness! It's the greatest fursona!” Jake wailed, “Let me feel!” Jake sent out to jump on Daniel with open arms but was stop by two hits to the head, one from Pam and the other from Gassen.


“We thought you were a monster patrolling the grounds, you know sent by them.” David said ignoring the snivelling Jake. “I said only our Daniel would think boobs were tumours.” David shook his head, as if he was ashamed of him.


“Your voice is girly but your physical actions remain the same.” Gassen said, pulling Daniel off the ground.


“Yeah, I mean we're shock at the tail, scale thing, but we'll figure this out.” Pam said forever the preppy one. They were all here. Alive and acting like it was no big deal.


“!” Daniel burst into tears falling back on his knees. Gassen followed patting his back. Pam quickly came over and pulled him into a hug. David was busy holding back the crazy-eyed Jake. Despite not knowing the future and having more questions than answers. Daniel cried in relieve of not being alone. It's hard to stay afraid surrounded by friends as good as his.

Written by Psto1464 on 26 March 2019

The end (for now)

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