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Nesmith has always been the most kind and caring soul. The dwarf puffer was considered the most peaceful in your friend group. Out of everyone, Nesmith definitely doesn’t deserve to be permanently transformed. With this in mind, you rush to his hide near the castle.


“Nesmith, Nesmith!”


He’s already awake when you arrive, and you’re grateful that you don’t have to startle him with your loud whispering.


“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asks gruffly. “Not that I’m unhappy to see you,” he corrects with a change of tone, “but it’s pretty late. Don’t you know that it’s siphon night? You should be home!”


“I know, but there’s important something I have to talk to you about.” You continue to whisper so as not to disturb the neighbors. “Myrio Ridge isn’t what it seems, I already know. Gart told me everything. You don’t have to pretend.”


“Hey Nes, I hope you haven’t knocked out already. Word is that there’s gonna be another round of escape tonight.” The voice is faint at first, but becomes louder as it gets closer. “If we head out now, we can still--” Farron emerges from the plants surrounding the rear of Nesmith’s hide. When she sees you, she chokes on her words. “W-Why are you…?”


“Farron? I was going to find you after I talked to Nesmith. What are you doing here?”


The neon tetra can’t seem to decide if getting closer to Nesmith is worth getting closer to you. “That’s my line,” she mutters. “You need t--” Farron cuts herself off again, but the strain sounds even more forced than before.


Behind you, blocking the main entrance, is Kieran. Even in the moonlight alone, you can tell that the blue covering his body is darker than before. His pincers look swollen with how much bigger they’ve gotten.


“Kieran!” You face him properly. “What’s happening? Why is everyone here? I thought that whenever the siphon comes, we suppo-- wait, never mind that. I have something to tell you, all of you! I know about Gart, and I know about Myrio Ridge… she told me everything. They’re escaping tonight. You’ve got to come with us!”


The crayfish sighs, and snickers. In fact, he can’t seem to stop snickering. Immediately, his snickers crescendo into full blown laughter. You don’t know what the punchline was. With his volume, you’re sure if the neighbors have woken up by now.


“This is great,” Nesmith cries out. “This means we don’t have to explain anything to you!”


Farron, who seemed on edge just before Kieran came, was now swimming rapidly in circles, whooping the whole while.


“Guys, wait,” you plead. “We’re running out of time! What could possibly be good about any of this‽”


“Duh!” Kieran exclaims. “You came back after hearing what that traitor had to say, which means you’re on our side! You really are smarter than I thought you were. I was right to pick you from the moment I met you.” His antennae twitch erratically.


It finally dawns on you. When you said “come with us,” Kieran thought you were talking about Nesmith and Farron, not Gart and the refugees.


The crayfish spreads his chelipeds wide and opens his pincers to welcome you.


“Will you do me the honor of taking my place as the leader of Myrio Ridge?”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 19 June 2019

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