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You realize that the transformation isn't over. You feel your spine beginning to split in three directions at your posterior. You look back and see a second tail growing out, followed by another one.


This just feels unreal.


At that moment, another fox jumps out of the nearby bushes. This one has amber-colored fur and also has three tails. He looks somewhat young, but you can't tell how you knew that.


"I KNEW IT!" he says, "I knew you were one!"


He speaks in some strange language that consists of fox noises combined with some other human-sounding tongue. How you understand it is a mystery.


"One what?!" you snarl.


"One of us!" he yips, "A Kitsune!"


You just stare at him.


"Yes, we're real." he says.


The gears in your head begin to turn.


"DID YOU DO THIS?!" you rasp.


"Kinda..." he says, "But it wouldn't have turned you if you didn't have the necessary aura!"




"A kitsune's aura!"


"Can you at least turn me back?!"


"No," he says.


You are about to pounce him, when he interrupts.


"But you can turn yourself back!"




"Just imagine yourself changing and it will come naturally,"


You close your eyes and try to imagine changing back. You are just about to say that it's not working when the young fox yips, "Okay, you're in anthro mode!"


You open your eyes. You now look like some hybrid between human and fox. You have digitigrade paws, fur, muzzle, and all, but your hands are human (albeit with paw pads and fur), and your stance is bipedal. You feel ready to strangle the fox when he tells you to keep trying changing.


You close your eyes and try again until he tells you to stop.


Sure enough, you're human, and you're also NAKED! You quickly put your clothes on.


"I never understood why you humans wear that stuff," the fox remarks.


"Yes well, thanks for the mythology lesson, but I've gotta run now," you say before walking away. You're eager to stay away from all this mumbo-jumbo.


"Your tails are showing!" the fox yips.


You feel your posterior. Sure enough, you feel all three of your tails. You feel your head. Your ears are in fox-mode, too.


"You're gonna hafta learn how to control those powers!" the fox pipes up.


You try and will away the ears and tails and grudgingly turn back towards the fox.


"Okay, how do I control this?"


"The first step," says the fox, "is finding out what sort of kitsune you are. This ought to help!"


He reaches into the bush and pulls out in his mouth a necklace with a clear jewel on it.


"Put this on," says the fox, "and it will glow a certain colour. That colour will tell you what sort of sune you are."


You oblige and put it on. It flickers and eventually glows. The colour is...

Written by on 16 September 2014

The end (for now)
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