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You make your way to the first door nearby. The room you enter is almost bare. An exceptionally large aquarium stands against the back of the room, a deep sink resides next to it, and a large window currently showcases the midday sun. The tank itself nears three meters in length and is equipped with a plastic hose that leads to the sink. Vibrant colors within pique your curiosity and draws you closer to inspect them. An amalgam of decorations and aquatic creatures bring the tank to life with their striking hues. The movement of the animals is so peaceful; you sense yourself having difficulty averting your gaze.


You place a hand on the warm aquarium, and your face gets so close that your nose nearly brushes it. The glass beneath your hand begins to softly glow. You instinctively pull away, surprised to find that the glow is coming from your hand. It quickly creeps up your arm, and as it makes its way over your shoulder, you squeeze your eyes shut and hold your breath. After a few seconds, you dare to take a peek at what’s happened to your arm, but you’re overwhelmed by your surroundings.


You survey the area; it looks like the ocean. There are colorful fish in the distance, but panic sets in, and you no longer have the sense to be mesmerized by their beauty. Without thinking, you aim to swim to the water’s surface. Your limbs, however, seem to be betraying you. Your body contorts as you flail about, and you reach out a hand to-


Where are your arms?


Your stomach drops at the thought of what the glowing light has taken away from you. It would be physically impossible to reach the surface in time with your body like this. With the remaining time that your final breath has allowed, you regret having ever stepped foot into the mansion. You open your mouth, let in water, and submit to the end of your life… Drowning is supposed to be painful, isn’t it?


But you’re not drowning -- you’re breathing! How‽


Relief washes over you when you realize that you can survive without air. There’s still hope for you yet! Now that the main concern has been tackled, you address the next problem: moving around without your arms. You figure that moving forward, at the very least, should be no problem. To propel yourself, you try kicking your legs, but to no avail. Try as you might, you remain in the same spot. You begin to wonder how much time has passed.


“Hey, I know swimming is hard at first, but you need to be careful! You could hurt yourself by trying to force it.”


The voice startles you. Its origin is unknown, so you thrash even more, desperate to move away from the potential danger.


“Whoa whoa whoa, settle down! I’m not gonna hurt you!”


The efforts to make a quick getaway come to a screeching halt. You don’t know whether or not you should trust this voice, but it’s necessary for a chance to get help. A rather small electric blue crayfish suddenly appears and perches on a rock next to you.


“You must be new here! I’m Kieran. Welcome to the aquarium.”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 11 June 2019

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