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You look for another dragon to ask if you can stay with them over the winter. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide not to ask Coke and his mate as they had just had a clutch of eggs. So you wander around the village chatting and getting to know various dragons.


You speak with the dragons at the bank of the river first. Then the potters, blacksmiths, and leatherworkers. Despite their kindness, none of them seem to have the space to take in another dragon for the winter.


A bit frustrated, you decide to take a walk along the bank. You know there are more dragons to ask. But it seems like you've asked them all. You idly play with sticks and rocks as you walk along. And soon find yourself in an isolated clearing.


The large boulders are covered in soft moss and the river is quietly trickling in a very soothing way. The trees are over shadowing the clearing. Making the still hot days very tolerable in the clearing. You lay beside the clearing and close your eyes listening to the trickling water.


You are suddenly awakened from your thoughts as a large body slams down over you. Your eyes snap open to the site a huge muscular female with glimmering red scales towering over you. Her fangs are bared and her claws are at your throat. You tense up under her. The heat emanating from her body is almost as powerful as her scent.


Written by SkyBrigidRain on 18 September 2017

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