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You see the door appear, but you find yourself not interested. You don’t want to leave yet. This world is not a perfect place, but it can be made for the better. This you’re sure of. If you stayed long enough, surely you could make a difference. The important thing to remember was never to give up.


As if in response to your desire to not leave yet, the door begins to fade. There’s no time for second thoughts as it disappears completely. It seems that you’ll be stuck for much longer, if not forever. Was that a test of some kind? Before you can think about it for very long, you feel your body start to tingle with power. What’s this power that is coming over you?


The first thing that you notice is that your body is starting to grow in size. It’s not by a whole lot, but you do feel your clothes tighten on you by a couple sizes. You feel energy going through your muscles as you feel much stronger than before—faster, too. You look in the mirror to see your growing body in the mirror, noting how your eyes become far less cutesy and gain a more serious glare to them. Then there was your tail—it now lengthened and gained more bushel to it. It was exceptionally thick near the base—you could practically fit something in there.


You haven’t the faintest idea what was happening to you. It couldn’t be a second puberty. Then as the changes continue to wash over you, a thought occurred to you that you were possibly evolving! Pokemon were known to evolve when they had gained enough experience. Your time here in this world felt too brief for that, but you welcomed these new changes coming over to you. To just think that if you had chosen to leave, you might not have gotten to experience this second phase in your transformation.


Looking closely in the mirror, you can see that your ears have grown much larger than usual and the ear hair was now lengthening to the point of being longer than your ears, curling out in waves like fire. Your fingers become more dexterous and slender than in your previous form, and the fur turns from a pale fiery yellow to chalk white. The fur on your legs, meanwhile, blackens down to your feet. Your nose itself begins to lose its black color, eventually turning a cute rosy hue. You’re too distracted by the new fur patterns on your body, however.


Your find that your mouth is beginning to feel a little funny. As your run your tongue against it, you find that your teeth have lost a lot of their almost infantile status. You can feel them beginning to become sharper and stronger, much closer to that of an adult. Your feet fly out of the shoes you had been using since you came to this new world, making them look more digitigrade. Balance is an issue, finding yourself falling over. You have to learn to walk on the balls of your feet this time. Eventually, though, you are quick to adapt to it.


As you dance across the floor, you let out an excited laugh, finding that even your voice has changed a bit, now having a much more mature tone to it. Your hair then grows out a bit more until it’s as low as your lower back. You take some braids to pull the bangs out of your eyes as you feel your lips become more luscious to behold. The fur on your hips now thickens into thick cuffs, making it looks as though you have a furry skirt on underneath your clothes, another cuff forming on your chest and perfectly visible from your shirt collar.


You can feel the changes on your body start to slow down finally, but not before your feel a change to your mind. Your mind seems to expand, parts of it never used before now being tapped. It hurts to really think about it. As you clutch your head, you think about making darker in here. The curtains suddenly move in response. Curiously, you think about opening them and they part to unveil the moon. After trying it with other objects, you find that you can move things with the smallest of ease. You appear to now be a psychic type! Something was still missing though…


Walking outside briefly, you search a nearby tree for anything of use. You find a small branch about as long as your forearm. Concentrating hard, you eventually feel smoke and embers froth at the tip before it bursts into a controlled flame. Satisfied, you fit your controlled focus item into your tail and hurry back inside, admiring your new body. You are no longer a Fennekin but a Braixen. It is strange but you welcome the new changes wholeheartedly. Perhaps you would be able to fit into this world and make a difference, after all.


The following day, relieved that your lodging hadn’t been set on fire, you set out to find some work for yourself. Given the world and setting you’re in, your choices are a bit limited. During your job searching, you find at least three places that are looking to hire. The first place is a high-class and elegant mansion with expansive plantations and luxurious rooms and hallways. The second place is a circus that had just moved into town the day before. Lastly, but finally, is a Pokemorph Public Service and Careers center made specifically for Pokemorphs to find jobs that are more closely tied to their pokemon roots.


You don’t seem to have many options right now. The jobs they would offer would probably not be the most dignified or positions you were qualified or suited for, but rent was due soon and the landlord wasn’t going to go easy on you. The question then is which one did you want to go to? Where would you go to find work?


Written by wrathofautumn on 21 May 2018


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