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The door opens, the rusty chainsaw clanging morosely. Inside you find neon lights, and techno music with a thumpin' beat. A sign stands in the middle of the chaos, with glowing words written upon it which reads:


*Welcome to the hall of Weapon Wielding Superheroes. Choosing a weapon will transmogrify you into a weapon-wielding agent of justice who also happens to be an anthropomorphic animal which is in some way related to the weapon you chose. Rock on!*


Lo, there are weapons scattered about of all kinds: guns, swords, maces, Mace, tasers, claymores, throwing stars, throwing knives, throwing cards, police batons, boomerangs, flails, whips, spears, chainsaws, crowbars, lasers, brass knuckles, etc. You haven't the faintest clue what these weapons will turn you into. This ain't no bread-and-butter tf room, that's for certain...

Written by Mr.Peaches on 22 January 2007

Both boomerang
Both The Feather Duster

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