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You look around the room from your vantage point on the floor. Cool air swirls around your bare bosom, sending a shiver through your body. A window is open, offering a way out of this room, but you know that if you leave the building, it will seal shut and you will be trapped as a sphinx.


A heavy book rests on a carved table, waiting to be read. Opening it to a random page you read it.


Day 15: I can feel the sphinx mind becoming more dominate over the human mind. I can barely remember what it was like to be human any more. I have these animal urges that I have to fight off constantly. It is taking every ounce of my will just to write this now. I'm not even sure I want to continue writing.
I think I am going to eat today, and not just the left overs from yesterday either. I think I will go hunting for the first time in this new body. I will full belly, fight the urges as much as I can.
I will write more when I can.


You lower your paw and feel the soft, smooth paper, but when you apply a little more pressure the paper is gouged by your claws. The rest of the journal is now illegible, the words smeared and torn where your claw has rent the paper.


You walk across the room, feeling the cool tiles against your bare paws. You see a door, but the handles are far too small for your new paws. You bite down on the handle and pull open the door with your teeth, the heavy wooden door scraping against the tile floor.


You see a hallway filled with doors stretching far into the distance.

Written by AiDungeon on 14 January 2021

Both High Priest

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