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You stare at the sea, which is only a few paces away. The sudden change of location on top of your body changing has you overwhelmed with how much your senses have changed. You feel as though you're drowning in the salt water, your mouth dry and your vision blurry. You try to calm yourself, forcing your eyes to focus and your breathing to slow.


"I'm okay," you whisper quietly. "Everything's going to be fine."
You don't hear anyone answer, but as you gaze out at the sea, a splash catches your attention. You look down and see a massive male seal in the water below, just beyond the surf. He swims gracefully, his powerful muscles flexing beneath the water. As your eyes continue to follow him, you notice several others in the distance, all swimming closer.


He gets out of the water and takes off the skin revealing a human inside before asking "I have not seen you around here. Have you just escaped?"
"Escaped? Escaped from what?" You ask nervously.
"From the people who stole your skin" he replies.
"I just got here. I put on a skin and found myself here" you reply uncertainly.
"You are wearing a skin that is not yours?"
"Yes…" you say unsurely.
"Well normally it would not react to a human. You must have some selkie blood " he explains "probably a descendant of the actualy selkie"
"My family has always been humans!" You protest.
"They may of appeared to be human, but one of them was a selkie, I know it" he growls.
"Oh-" you start to say.
"Come with me" he says putting the seal skin back on "Just put the skin on and follow me. "
You hesitate a moment longer, but start to slip the skin on. It feels odd, but it fits your body perfectly. You sigh in relief as the magic starts to change you into a seal.
As you become one with your new form, you feel your heart beat faster. Your body moves with ease, and as you walk towards the beach, you feel a burning in your chest. You turn to check on your new body, noting the thick fur along your arms and legs. Your tongue lolls out of your mouth as you open your mouth wide, and you inhale deeply, smelling the salty air as it fills your nostrils.
You giggle excitedly, and wave your flippers in the air. You feel the cool water surround you, and begin to swim toward the seals.

Written by NovelAi on 11 December 2022

The end (for now)

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