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You find the stairs and after a bit of working out how to do so you start climbing them. You find a door and inside is a very pretty necklace that captures the last rays of sunlight and reflects a pretty pattern onto the wall which fades soon after you see it as the sun finally sets. There is even a mirror so you could see what it looks like on you; well, why not? You pick up the necklace, then tak-tak-tak over to the mirror and hold it up against your chest.


It looks almost like it was designed for you and your purr in delight at the look... hold on a second. You've manoeuvred yourself around to get different angles on how it looks, and your 'footsteps' don't sound the same? Looking down to check, you find that your claws aren't there any more! They've been replaced by hooves. Blue, deer-like hooves. And as you watch, you see your legs reshape themselves, shifting away from a leonine configuration! It must have been the deer that you ate, it is changing you... into a new deer, to replace what you killed?


You notice the skin around the necklace seems to be your normal sphinx skin.

Written by Catprog & Cubist on 09 September 2010

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