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Their bright eyes peered into your soul and all you wanted to do was take them to the playground and watch them happily frolic and play with each other over their recess.
“Why don’t we go outside and get some fresh air, we can start off our introductions out there!” the children’s voices crescendoed in approval as their high pitched screams merged together after their little minds processed your offer. Anything that involves being outside and in a playground beats sitting in a classroom any day for the hyperactive little puppies. Like a pack leader, you lead them through the backdoor into the playground in the back. There were slides, swings, many different shapes of monkey bars, and seesaws. They ran outside in an uncoordinated swarm of tiny screaming bodies as they tripped over themselves and each other, racing to reach the playground as you slowly followed behind them.
A large smile spread across your face as you watched them, their voices were unintelligible as they merged together in a cacophony of screams, laughs, and talking as they exchanged excitement-charged words. For a moment you were lost in the moment, a feeling of happiness washed over you as you watched the future of the world forming meaningful bonds with each other and hopefully one day even you in a way that shapes society to become a better place.
Regardless, you needed to start by getting their attention. You cleared your voice and grunted, as to ensure your voice wouldn’t crack, and you had become more stern than you ever were. That seemed to whip the young pups into shape, their big round eyes were glazed over and shining as they stared at you, some of their tilted heads contained cutely bent ears, and some of them whimpered in confusion. Now that you have the room, what do you do?

Written by DriftingDragon on 16 May 2021

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