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You want wealth? Ok here it is star star star emptystar emptystar

You find yourself back on where you started in the mansion. The grey shirt and shorts are gone and you are wearing only your boxers
“You wanted wealth but not to leave the mansion?” said the voice
<spanFullTF>Your ears grow long. Fur begins sprouting throughout your body. Your boxers merge with your skin as your lower regions are covered in fur. Your feet become cylindrical and become hooves as your legs are covered in fur. Your entire body but your hands and face is now covered with fur. A tail sprouts from the end of your spine as you are forced to hunch over. Your neck bulks up and lengthens slightly. Your hands go numb and you try to move your fingers without success. Your hands become grey then form hooves. You scream in frustration, only it isn’t a scream but a donkey bray. Your hair becomes black and thick forming a mane and spreads down your neck. Your face becomes covered with fur. Your eyes blur as they change. Your teeth become bigger then your mouth. Your entire body shudders as your shoulders and pelvis reshape for quadrupedial walking. You fall over at the unexpected change and shake violently as your muscles swell and your body enlarges to donkey proportions. Your head enlarges and your nose enlarges and your nostrils flare and your lips turn grey and rubbery. Your nose and mouth form a muzzle and travel out ward. Your eyes went to the sides of your head causing your vision to blur. Your body lurches once more as the change stops<spanFullTF>. <spanSumTF>You stand up on all fours a donkey<spanSumTF>. You bray several times and walk around. There is the sound of amused laughter and then a flash of light. You are no longer inside the mansion, in fact the mansion is no where in sight. The moon shines in the sky through wisps of cloud and a thin mist flows over the ground. There is nothing in sight for mile around. The ground is rocky and hard. There is the sound of wind blowing and you turn around. The robed being from the temple appeared. You bray angrily at him and charge him. Just before you reach him he holds his hand out at you and some invisible force blasts you back. You stand up and look at him. He seems more intimidating in the darkness of the night. He points his hand at you again. There is a humming sound and straps wrap themselves around your torso. Boxes begin materializing on your back. 5 boxes are stacked on your back. They are almost too heavy for you to carry them. The straps wrap themselves around the boxes.
“You wanted wealth? It is in those boxes. Don’t think about attempting to end your life as you are quite invincible to the physical world. You are to wonder this land for the rest of your days with your wealth. You may find someone who will take it off your back and help you or someone who can give you a home but do not waste your time trying to find the mansion again. This is a world apart from it and you cannot get to it.” said the being
There was another gust of wind and the being was gone. You bray angrily for several minutes and then you collapse onto your side. You bray mournfully for several hours. After a while you manage to get back up and start to walk in a direction, you don’t know where…
(I’d like to point out that this isn’t supposed to be a dead end anyone can continue it if they wish.)


Written by Hnhn on 25 April 2009

The end (for now)
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