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Daniel stepped hesitantly into the entrance of the bunker. There was a series of red lights lining the wall but an odd gloom pervaded the narrow hallway. He placed his right hand on the wall to guide him as he slowly descended the stairs. The metal was rough under his fingertips and he could tell it had been left in this state of disrepair for a long time. Since that was the case, Daniel couldn’t help wondering why the lights were still operating.


When he arrived at the bottom of the steps he could already see a junction coming up. He traveled a few more steps, letting his hand hover over the wall so he could take a closer look at the new passageway that branched off to the left. It appeared nearly identical to the corridor in front of him except for an eerie glow that hung like a fog at the end of it.


Daniel moved back until he felt the cold wall against his palm again. He was strangely comforted by the solid, steady panel. He kept a careful eye on the uncanny gleam as he shuffled forward and away from it. He stopped abruptly when a sudden chorus of sputtering whirs erupted and several bright lights flashed in front of him. For a brief moment a red screen flashed in front of him before disappearing. Startled, Daniel stumbled back from the unexpected contraptions. He desperately flung his hand out behind him to catch himself, grasping the air as he fell. He took a sharp intake of breath as the cut that had just begun trying to heal itself twisted underneath his weight.

Written by Flutterbest on 13 December 2017


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