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You groan and hold a hand to your head, looking around at this unfamiliar landscape. You still aren't sure what magic brought you here, but the tingling in your chest tells you that it's not done with you yet.


You look down to your stomach, lifting your shirt to reveal that you're beginning to grow a coat of fur along your chest. The hairs are as dark as they are thick, and you watch the wave of black creep along your belly, spreading like spilled ink.


"W-what's going on?" You breathe in disbelief, trailing a hand through the fur to confirm what your eyes, what your nerves are telling you. Much to your displeasure, you discover that you are indeed getting hairier, growing enough of the dark strands to make it look like you're some sort of animal.


Just as you begin to wonder exactly what you're becoming, a gut-wrenching crack comes from your face, and pain floods your senses. It's like you've been hit in the face by a baseball bat, only... In reverse? Your brain struggles to put make the sensation something familiar, something you can comprehend. But nothing you've felt in your life before comes close to this.


Something has impacted your jaw, an invisible force that pushes it outward, forcing your face to stretch as though it's made of putty. You look down in shock as your hairy jaw comes into your lower peripheral vision, and yelp as you realize it's taking your nose with it.


In seconds, you have what looks to be an animal snout, long enough that you need to stretch your tongue to try and reach your front teeth. The same tingling spreads to your tongue, and with a small gasp of shock, you realize that won't be the case much longer.


You groan as your tongue begins to transform too, getting longer and flatter, stretching until your new muzzle fits it like a glove. Experimentally, you try sticking it out to see how far it goes, only to flinch as you manage to easily lick your nose.


This brings about a new change, as the skin you've just licked begins to grow dark and spongy. You can't help but lick your nose again as it starts to feel dry, and this time it flattens out on your face. Another lick and it fully becomes what looks like a dog's nose. Another lick still gives you a much broader sense of smell, and you realize you're becoming some sort of canine.


Again, your thoughts bring with them their own changes. Your ears draw to pointed tips, your teeth lengthen and sharpen, and your hands and feet become a cross between human appendages and paws. You look down to these paws as claws easily poke out through them, your nails becoming something sharp; something deadly.


An idea fills your mind, and you crouch down, letting your claws touch your ankles. Then you stand, bringing your arms up to your shoulders and raking your claws along your clothing. The cotton parts like butter, and you're free to look at your new body; at your new self. One word comes to mind, and you whisper it with shock.




The word seems to have some sort of sway in the air, and you try to cope with your new form, wondering what might come next...

Written by SketchySeraph on 17 April 2016

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