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You decide to take your chances in the woods, at least until you find a decent trainer. You don't exactly trust in your ability to hold off an assault of Poke balls for very long, and you shudder to think what would happen if you came under the possession of a horrid trainer, like Silver, from the earlier Pokemon games. Or is that just the rain soaking your fur? You decide to hurry and get out of the rain, but you're surprised when the rain suddenly cuts off, as suddenly as it'd begun. Could that rain have been from someone using Rain Dance? you think to yourself. Well, it doesn't matter anymore. The past is the past, and there's no point in dwelling on it. You set out to start your new life in the woods. Without even a moment's notice, you look for food. You know full well that you won't survive long without it.


Before long, you spot a few berry bushes bearing plentiful stock in their branches. One of them has what looks like juicy red bunches, but upon closer inspection, you find them the be the deadly venomous kind. One of the other two, you recognize, is an Oran Berry bush. You gladly pick a few and eat them, but as you go to pick more to take with you, you realize you have nothing to carry them with. You don't have long to think about it, because you hear someone shouting from a distance past your line of sight.


"HEY GET BACK HERE WITH OUR FOOD!!" Not even a moment later, a pair of Pichus blast full speed ahead through the undergrowth, carrying a pair of small sacks with them, and not looking where they're going. They run right into you, dropping the bags and falling over. You pick up the bags and look into them, finding a heavy helping of rice balls.


Holy cow! These guys hit the Mother Load! you think as you look at them. You could just take off right now, and be set for the whole week. But then the little guys would have their work of taking them in the first place be utterly ruined. Maybe you could help them out, and then share for a while? Or maybe you should teach them a lesson, and get them to give the food back...

Written by GameHero on 11 January 2014

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