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“What´s happening?” Daniel whined, feeling his eyes watering. He was at the edge of crying. He was different, weird, monstrous. He wasn´t even human anymore!


“They did it,” Gassan said with disbelief. “I didn´t believe it was possible.”


“What?” Daniel gasped, hiding his face with palms again.


“It´s all right, just breathe,” Pammy said. She walked to Daniel and carefully touched the horn on his head. “Is it really you?”


“Yeah,” Daniel moaned. “But it´s not real, it can´t be…”


“It´s real,” David said. “They said they could change people. That´s the research that was performed in this facility before they closed it. But scientist who worked here didn´t want to abandon their life-work. They visited us too, but we weren´t compatible with the program.”


“You had those dreams too?” Daniel asked. He felt scared and surreal. There was nothing he could do.


“They visited all of us,” Gassan said.


“What did they do to me?” Daniel demanded.


David and Pammy exchanged quick glances. “We don´t know,” David said. “But…” he trailed off and looked over Daniel. “We didn´t know that they would be capable to do something like this.”

Written by lulu-illussions on 02 February 2018

Still Friends

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