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Daniel had at least refused to sleep in the bed, as if that was going to make any difference,
but when she closed her eyes she was there again. It was a dream, one of those dreams
where fear is suspended. The drapes had been pulled aside and the hazmat-suited figures
stood around her. One of them was holding a written page over her head and making her
read it out loud. In the dream, her lighter voice didn't bother her. The words echoed in the
room, because there were no other sounds.


The recruitment will only begin once the Guide is fully formed and trained.


The training is, if anything, more important than the comparatively easy physical
transformation: the Guide must be capable of carrying out her orders, but not of turning on
us, fleeing, or calling for help.


Similarly, the Guide must have the physical ability needed for her duty, without being
strong or durable enough to pose a threat. This will be accomplished by reducing the
Guide's intellect to its basic functions.


Anxiety started taking her, and she broke off.


“Keep going,” a voice urged, caressingly. “What a good girl you are.”


She wanted to keep reading, because she didn't want to disappoint the voice, but she had
to blink away the tears, and when she looked again, the next word was either “for” or “ror.”
Her eyes just needed to move a little and the F changed to an R, and she couldn't tell
which was the real one. It was like taking a sight test. It had to be F, because “ror” wasn't a
word, but up ahead were more long words where the letters shimmered the same way,
more letters joining them all the time.


the p pua ion wil nee i s s reng h, but the Gu de only ne s to a ac e n...


She couldn't go on, she hardly knew any of the words. When she looked again, the letters
were just little black squares with barely any differences.


“Continue, Guide.” A hint of sharpness.


Daniel tried, until she could feel the muscles in her head and neck tensing up with the
effort, but she couldn't see a way to turn the letters into sounds. Would she ever be able to
read again?


The dream was over and she hadn't been aware. She sat up in bed, stretching out her


long legs. There was a cake and drink on the table as usual. Daniel got up and stuffed her
face. It felt like dreaming was hard work, it'd made her hungry.


There was a piece of paper with writing on it under the bottle. Daniel picked it up and
turned it over. The writing didn't mean anything, it simply didn't go through to the part of
her brain that it should. For a while it worried her, but then she got a glimpse of a person
moving on the other side of the table. She squealed, but it was the mirror. Daniel got up
and stood in front of it, stretching a little. It make her laugh how the image followed her
moves so quickly, like they were two identical dancers in a troupe, and that she couldn't tell
which one moved first. What if the reflection was actually the one making all decisions and
she followed? Or how did she know she wasn't the reflection?


She stayed there a while, because the mirror was actually very nice to look at. She had
very long legs, a body that was slender yet top-heavy, nice hair, and then there were the
cute ears and fluff-tail, something no-one else had. No-one who wasn't an actual rabbit, at
least. Watching herself slowly raise one leg like a ballerina made unusual feelings move
around inside her. She couldn't be feeling those things about herself, could she? Maybe
she was feeling what a man would feel if he saw her now. She was sure at least some of
the people running this place must be male. But she couldn't see the admiration in their
eyes as long as they didn't show themselves!


She went walking in the dorm again, but she walked until she was tired and still nowhere
near the other wall. In the end, she flung herself on her back on one of the boxy beds. If
they were behind the ceiling, they must be looking right down at her.


She seemed to be getting tired more easily now. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling. She was
sure she would wake if something interesting happened.

Written by on 15 May 2019

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