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Reality Hopping star star star emptystar emptystar

In this story you can hop between realities following these rules:


No more then


These measurements are based on your home reality.


Your home reality is the one where you start your journey from.


When you hop to another reality you switch your mind with anybody who is there already.


If you hop to a different reality then your home reality from another reality then:


Reality 3 contains you.
Reality 2 contains the person from reality 3
Your home reality contains the person from reality 2


If someone dies then the person whose reality he/she home reality changes to that of the person who died. (Using the example above , if the person in your home reality dies your home reality becomes reality 2. If the person in reality 2 dies then the home reality of the person from reality 2 becomes

Written by Catprog on 22 August 2004

Wait.... am I really in another reality? emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You open your eyes, shielding them from the bright light as they adjust. As everything dims down, you find yourself in a small wooden shack, laying in a small bed. It isn't fancy, just a mattress to provide cushioning, and a thin blanket that doesn't do much to shield from the cold.


Pulling the sheet off, you climb out of bed and look around. The room is a little spartan. An old wooden dresser is pressed firmly against the wall to the left of the bed, barely big enough to hold more than a dozen articles of clothing, with a tiny window just above it, sun light shining through. To the right of your bed is a doorway, no door, leading to another room.


You walk over to the dressed, open it up, and to your surprise find your clothes in there. Not the clothes you'd think someone else would wear. These are the clothes you had back in your world. Same pants, shirt, socks, and underwear.


Almost immediately, you feel something's not right. Still barefoot, you walk to the other room, and find it appears to be a small living room and kitchen, a small coal stove in the corner with a metal pipe snaking out above it, through the roof. There is a small TV in another corner of the room, an old CRT box tv, like those made at the turn of the century before flat screens became common place, with a 2 seater sofa facing it directly.


Glancing around, you try to find a mirror to look into, and see one over a sink. As you approach it, the feeling of dread slowly comes over you, and as soon as your reflection comes into view, it's quickly replaced by shock.


Staring back at you, the body you are in, is yours! The exact same body you had before you jumped. Every detail, from the length and color of your hair, to the size of your feet and color of your skin, is the same. Even you're underwear is the same as before. What is going on here? Did you really jump to another reality, or is someone pulling a prank and actually shipped you off somewhere in your world? And if you did jump, did that mean there was more than one of you, other versions of you in other worlds?

Written by Universal6 on 29 March 2013

Zoo emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Perhaps if the house has not changed the area outside has? Looking outside you see what used to be houses down the hill across the road has been replaced by a zoo. And not just any zoo but a large sized one. Also it seems like they are having a promotion to celebrate their grand opening.


Heading over you find that the entry is free for the first week, unfortunately most of the animals are yet to arrive. You also are handed a map and find out the hill is only the front of the zoo, the plains behind it also are now part of the zoo. There also seems to be an aquatic area, an aviary, and a reptile house. It seems this zoo will have every kind of animal imaginable, once they have arrived.


You ask the guide "What happened with the animals that has delayed them."


He sighs "Well we ran into some problems in our last location. People ended up missing and we got blamed, so the animals are still there while we set up here. Once we are settled, then we can move the animals here. What is your favorite animal by the way?"


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 18 July 2015

Savanna in the Neighborhood emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. "Lions, I guess... Why do you ask?"


The guide seemed impressed with your tastes, nodding slowly. "Well, the thing is that we have a new enclosure of the lions here, a pretty big one even. So when they come in, they'll have plenty of room to roam. You can go it if you want. Just go over the hill there, and you can actually go into it to see what we put in, okay?"


You seemed fascinate by this statement, then looked at the hill. "Oh okay. T-Thanks!" Then you walked up the hill to see the enclosure.


There, down the hill, looked like a large patch of fenced-in savanna where part of the neighborhood used to be. Some houses though were right on the edge of the fence, on for some weird reason still being inside the savanna enclosure. There was some gates that led into the enclosure, one of them leading into the pens.


Do you go in?

Written by XJP on 17 January 2018

Tail emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As you step through the gates leading into the lion enclosure, a sudden and surreal sensation takes hold. The world around you undergoes a subtle transformation. The metal gates, which were once clearly visible, vanish into thin air as if they were never there. The landscape seamlessly blends into the savanna, leaving no trace of the entrance you just passed through.


As you absorb the shock of the disappearing gates, an unexpected change occurs within your own body. You feel a tingling sensation at the base of your spine, and as you reach back to investigate, your hand brushes against something soft and furry. To your astonishment, you discover a lion's tail has grown from your lower back.


The tail, sways gently with your movements. It's a strange and uncanny addition to your human form, yet there's an undeniable sense of connection and integration between this new appendage and the savanna that surrounds you.


With each step you take, the sensations intensify. You become acutely aware of the texture of the grass beneath your feet, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the distant sounds of the savanna.


Surprised and intrigued, you take a moment to examine your transformed self. The lion's tail is undeniably a part of you now, and you can't help but marvel at the seamless integration of this wild appendage into your human body.


Taking a deep breath, you decide to embrace the experience and explore the lion enclosure. The savanna stretches out before you, with tall grass swaying gently in the breeze. In the distance, you catch sight of a few trees and perhaps even a watering hole. The air is filled with the sounds of distant birds, creating a serene atmosphere.


As you stroll through the enclosure, you notice a group of lions lazing in the shade of a tree. Their golden fur shines in the sunlight, and their powerful presence is both majestic and awe-inspiring. You feel a strange connection to them, as if you share some unspoken bond with these creatures.

Written by - on 10 February 2024

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